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Select bathroom faucet is elegant

Compared with the bathroom 3 large, leading it is a trivial little things, but if you want to enjoy high-quality comfortable days, this little thing can not be ignored, in the selection of the bathroom faucet, there are many elegant.

Faucet quality is good, the spool is the key. The current market leader of the main ceramic spool and rubber spool. Relatively ceramic spool is a new generation of valve core material, sealing function, physical function and stability, and the relatively long service life. The bathroom space in the use of the leading there are two: First, the basin, one on the bathtub. Bath faucet has split, the monomer of the points, according to the actual situation; bathtub faucet with two kinds of hose and buried, the use of more convenient hose, the device is also simple, buried bath faucet is beautiful, but the device difficulty Slightly larger.