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Bathroom Decoration 8 Local Budget Can Not Be Saved

1, pipeline accounting can not be saved

Water did not do a good job, decoration is equal to zero. Bathroom is a collection of multi-local water and electricity, if installed after due to plan, the material has caused leakage of leakage problems, but the cost of rework, but not a small sum of the number. Therefore, we should choose the early good quality of water pipes, wires, wire, and wiring to meet the requirements.

2, reserved outlet can not be saved

With the expansion of space, function increased, the bathroom appliances are constantly added. Many families equipped with intelligent sitting, the overall bath, Jacuzzi, multi-functional bathroom cabinets and other sanitary ware or TV, audio and other audio-visual equipment. Renovation accounting is limited, you can also reserve the first outlet, to prevent future re-wiring trouble.

3, waterproof material can not be saved

Waterproof in the bathroom is also very important. Not only better information, but also by pleading brushing. Waterproof on the ground in general to brush twice and 24-hour closed water inspection, and wall waterproofing should be 180cm height. Corner, water side of the water to do more carefully, this is the most simple question of the local.

4, the ground can not slip

Bathroom floor often water supply, shop in general tiles to walk in the above simple slip. Especially the elderly, the child's family should pay attention to this question. Therefore, to the bathroom selection of information on the ground must pay attention to its non-slip, although the price a bit more, but in exchange for family safety and health.