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Bathroom Taps Shower Maintenance Raiders

First, according to the size of the home bathroom space to select the size of the shower. This is not only related to the visual effects, but also determines your future is not able to have a shower room to meet the surplus space;

Second, to select the tube and the appearance of electroplating smooth flow of the shower. Because the bathroom is relatively wet, so on the shower tube material request is high. In addition to all the raw materials in addition to copper, the appearance of grinding, polishing and other processing processes can not be less, this renovation of the people know that bathroom is probably the most complex renovation is the most important one functional space. Thus, on the bathroom you can not "soft-hearted", regular protection is also essential, once they are in which part of the doubt, it may have evolved into a big doubt. Shower will not be in use in the black.

Third, the shower spool valve opening of the raw materials. The number of faucets switch in the 300,000 or so, must pay attention to this point in the procurement can be more but less.

On the bathroom faucet, the most common is the water leakage and switch become astringent, loose and other questions. Sometimes, the leakage and the tap itself has nothing to do, because the water supply to the leading water hose aging, water pressure instability may be caused by corrosion and other questions.