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Decoration How To Do When The Kitchen And Toilet Water Treatment

First, the protection of the original kitchen waterproof layer

In the home improvement waterproofing work, we must realize that: general purchase to the house, in the bathroom, bathroom, kitchen and other ground are in accordance with certain standards to do a waterproof layer. Therefore, the first thing to do is to protect the original waterproof layer, you can reduce the possibility of leakage. In the kitchen space within the corresponding equipment installation, do not arbitrarily change the water pipe specifications and change the original layout, or it may damage to the waterproof layer. When the original waterproof layer has been damaged, it is necessary to repair as soon as possible, or even redo the work of water. Protection of the original waterproof layer This step seems very easy, but it is the most easily overlooked.

Second, the kitchen wall to do water pipes

Kitchen waterproof, the main anti-water leakage is the water. Therefore, in the home improvement process, we have on the wall of the water pipe groove waterproof construction. The general layout of the water pipe in the wall to be reasonable, the diameter of the water pipe is greater than the given groove. Do waterproof work, to plaster inside the groove, and then paint on the waterproof coating products. In addition to coating waterproof coating, we also pay attention to the laying of a slope of the water pipe, as far as possible tend to drain, so that the normal flow of water to the pipeline. The basic work of water pipes in the wall is these, the other more and when the operation as the owners of the actual situation may be.