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Faucet Agent Marketing Misunderstanding Quagmire

Now many manufacturers adjust the mentality of the taps, try new marketing strategies, and actively take the initiative to use a variety of marketing activities to boost sales, broaden channels to strengthen product development. This is the so-called line traders, and traditional marketing is different is that this is no longer limited to the existing market environment, but full use of existing resources, to create their own development environment.

Want to get more revenue through marketing, faucet manufacturers have to work harder, however, there are some marketing errors, which makes the tap manufacturers fall into, and less effective, or even a point not taken.

In order to compete for limited market share, a number of manufacturers of water taps very low prices, and even at a loss to lure consumers to hook the price, although the industry is not standardized for one reason, but if you want to use "speculative" approach to business, Will be no return. Because the product price can not be maintained, because the product is not to reflect its proper value, so consumption can not continue, this is the error, attention to price without value.