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Faucets And Hoses, Triangular Valves And Other Plumbing Hardware Options

The faucet material is mostly divided into stainless steel, zinc alloy and copper. One red-copper material and the main material for the best. Select the faucet, should carefully note its appearance, hand touch no burr. The appearance of the faucet galvanized coating, titanium, paint and so on. Coating thickness is better, can be used to look at the appearance of the coating can be bright. Good faucet thick coating, easy to scattered and oxidation.

Gently turn the handle handle, whether simple and active, with or without stagnation stagnation. Look at the faucet switch seamless, tense, non-slippery faucet is relatively better. Poor quality of the gap, blocked a sense of large.

Tap the main body, whether the sound boring, and carefully look at the faucet interface, whether the copper body, if the percussion sound loud and clear, it is not stainless steel, of course, worse. Then look at the various components of the faucet, mainly to see whether the precise assembly of parts. Good faucet body, handle all brass refined, heavier than the weight, there is dignified sense.