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How To Buy Kitchen Faucets

How to buy kitchen faucets

For the convenience of use, the kitchen faucet to choose a higher, the outlet should be very long, it is best to stretch to the top of the drain, but also can not splash water. If the kitchen has hot water pipes, this faucet should also be double. To meet the needs of a variety of use, kitchen faucets are generally 360 ° rotation. Buy Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the water cool or hot? Single cold: choose cold head. Hot and cold: choose hot and cold dual-use faucet.

2) What is a good hole in the kitchen? No: Question 3). There are: single hole or double hole faucet according to the hole selection.

3) use single hole or double hole faucet? Single-hole faucet is a relatively new way of water, hot and cold water through the two hoses from the faucet under a hole directly to the spool. The advantage is not like a double-headed faucet lead to take the hot side of the shell temperature is very high. The disadvantage is that the theoretical amount of water is small (the difference is almost indistinguishable, the flow size depends largely on the water pressure and spool quality). Double hole: from both sides of the leading into the hot and cold water. As the hot water side of the hot water directly contact the main body, will lead to high temperature housing.

4) Select the faucet with a bubbler: the bubbler can make the water flow more uniform, and will not let the water splash is everywhere.

5) If the sink is shallow: Choose an inverted U-shaped faucet with a large curvature or a right-angled faucet, or a bend faucet that can adjust the angle freely so as not to cause inconvenience to large items such as a wash pot.

6) need to clean the other parts of the stove: Select the pull-type faucet can make your kitchen cleaning more convenient.

7) If the kitchen fumes larger: try to choose a simple structure, excluding the corner of the leading shape, and choose to have excellent electroplating kitchen faucet, while cleaning the faucet to use the right way to clean or you can choose high-quality stainless steel faucet.