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How To Choose The Right Flower Sun

Now the market, the style of the shower complex, consumers in the purchase time, how should we choose the most suitable for the shower from their own? In fact, the choice of shower is learned, the following together to find out.

Look at the shower of the eruption

From the outside, the shape of the shower looks similar to the need to look at the choice of its eruption, the outstanding shower to ensure that each subtle nozzle eruption balance in common, not the same water pressure to ensure a pleasant shower effect, choice When you can test the water to see the eruption of water is not uniform.

See the spray method of the eruption

Shower internal planning is different, in the choice of hand-held shower, in addition to its eruption, the hand shower method and lasing, massage, usually the eruption method can bring more ideal Shower pleasure. Hand shower can be chosen according to the mood of the appropriate spray form: natural comfortable rain, vibrant massage, comfortable and warm spray, soft water column style, saving water drip. According to the state of mind, the heart of the "bath."

Look at the surface coating

Shower coating quality, in addition to affecting the quality and service life, but also affect the normal clean-up, the shower is usually chrome-plated, good coating can adhere to 150 ℃ high temperature for 1 hour, no blistering, no wrinkling, no crack 24 hours acetic acid salt spray test does not corrode. In the choice to see its gloss and smoothness, light and smooth shower that shower uniformity, quality is better.