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How To Keep The Kitchen And Bathroom Faucet Like New?

Longterm use of faucet may cause rust, affecting the appearance. Getting rid of rust is very simple, just use 

potato skin.

Step1: You'll need a fresh potato skin, peel it off including a little bit of the flesh. 

Step2: Wipe the water spots on the faucet with the potato skin, change to new potato skin if needed, until there 

the water spots are wiped clean.

Step3: Clean of the surface with water and dry it off with a rag.

Step4: Coat the faucet with a layer of car wax or wrap it with wax paper to serve as protective layer.


1, The acidic nature of the potato would neutralize the alkaline water stains easily. 

2, Wax is composed of hydrophobic material, so water slips down waxed surface avoiding water spots.