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Myths about Faucets Debunked

Myths about Faucets Debunked

People have some misconceptions about the faucet, this article will mainly introduce the common 6 mistakes

1. Sensor faucet is the most water-saving

Sensor faucet has small amount of water, high price, and high maintenance cost.Therefore , we do not recommend homeowners to choose sensor faucet when decorating their kitchen and bathroom as its practicality is not high.

2. The smaller the flow, the more water-saving

Faucet flow has water saving standard, whether too big or too small is unfavorable to water saving. Sometimes the flow of the faucet is too small, it may be because the faucet valve has some  problems, or the residue is blocked, should be cleaned or replaced in time.

3. The bubblier faucet is water-saving

The main function of the pacer is to increase the number of bubbles in the water and reduce the amount of water. But the pacers make the flow less powerful, and use a lot of water, which is not good for water conservation.

4. The faucet has cold and hot temperature adjustment

The cold and hot temperature adjustment function must be equipped with two inlet hose and ceramic valve core.

5. Chooseing the faucet without considering the basin

Many consumer install and stage faucets on the basin, without noticing that it is too tall, the faucet needs to be installed on the stage basin, must consider the basin actual situation when buying.

6. The faucet connects with the water pipe without Angle valve

Every cold and hot faucet must use the Angle valve to connect with the water pipe, each cold and hot faucet needs two Angle valves to match.

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