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Removing Old Faucet

One of the most difficult steps to replace the faucet is to dismantle the existing faucet. The steps to remove the faucet are not difficult, but putingt the components in place may bring us a challenge. There are some instructions on how to remove a faucet and how to deal with unexpected problems.


First, close the water supply valve on the faucet or close the water supply in order to stop the water flowing to the faucet. Then, turn on the faucet and check whether the water is turned off. This also allows the faucet to discharge any water still in the fixture, and it releases any pressure in the pipe.


Second, remove the water supply pipe from the value. When installing a new faucet, it will be better to change the water supply lines unless the existing one is comparatively new. It is highly suggested to use two sets of pliers, one to keep the valve stable and the other to disconnect the water pipe.


Third, there are two ways of removing the faucet since there are two kinds of faucets. Top mounted faucets are removed from under the sink and bottom mounted faucets from the top.


Last but not least, it is a good time to clean the sink, remove hard water and old putty. Be careful not to damage the surface when cleaning.

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