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The Different Materials Of The Faucets

The Different Materials Of The Faucets

The faucet is the product that is closely related to our life, its quality is directly affects our health, so it is very important to learn something about faucet. This article will introduce the various materials of the faucet.

The faucet can be made of stainless steel, copper, plastic, alloy and ceramic and so on.

  • Among them, the faucet made of stainless steel does not contain of lead, and is acid resistant, alkali resistant, anti-corrosion, no release of harmful substances, no pollution from water source.

  •  If it is made of copper, the surface is chromium polished, high glossiness and the anti-wear resistance is high. The quality of copper faucet is distinguished by its copper content and process.

  •  The plastic faucet is rich in color, the mold can be mass produced. Compared with other materials, the safety is higher, the use of ABS plastic for production processing. But faucet made of plastic is not strong and has short life span.

  •  The price of the alloy faucets is much lower than that of the copper faucet. Whats more, the alloy faucet is easier to produce on a large scale. Howevera lot of them are made of zinc alloy, zinc alloy faucets are harmful to human health and are not durable.

  • Compared with other faucets, the ceramic faucet has the advantage of not rusting, oxidation or abrasion. Ceramic faucets look beautiful and generous, because the shell is also ceramic

    Materials     Pros     Cons    Price      Note

Stainless Stee

Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Corruption Resistant And No LeadDifficult To Manufacture,Chromium Containing



Anti-Corrosion, Acid And Alkali Resistant, Easy To Process, Technology Mature, Antibacterial, Antibacterial

Contain A Bit Lead

General Price

Best Material


Colorful, Bulk Production

Easy Damage



Cheap, Bulk Production

No Toughness, Easy To Crack In Use, Short Service Life

General Price


Beautiful Appearance, Long Service Life



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