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Taps Maintenance Tips

1. When the room temperature below zero degrees Celsius, if found to handle faucet abnormalities, must be hot water shower hot bath products to feel normal, so after the operation will not affect the use of faucet valve core life.

2. Water contains trace amounts of carbonic acid compounds, in the metal surface evaporation is easy to form scale and corrosion of its surface role.

Which will affect the life of the tap, the use of a soft cotton or sponge scrubbing the surface of the faucet is often necessary, should not use metal cleaning balls or scouring pad clean, easy to scratch the faucet surface. Also can not use a hard object to hit the surface of the nozzle.

3. After the closure of the new faucet will show the phenomenon of dripping water, because the taps after the closure of the inner cavity due to water, which is a normal phenomenon. Such as a long time are dripping water, it is the faucet problem, leaking, indicating that the product has quality problems.

4. Switch taps should not be too much force, homeopathic rotation gently on the line. Even the traditional type of faucet, do not need a great effort to twist to death, as long as the water can be shut. There is not the handle as a handrail to support or use.